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ExplorationsWow! I had no idea my initial story would be so well received! All the positive feedback is much appreciated. Some of the messages I received actually gave me a raging hard on!!I didn?t know it yet, but by the time Brittany got her drivers license she was becoming a very rebellious bimbo of sorts. She had lost her virginity at age 13 to a 20 year old guy who lived a few doors down from us. She later confessed to me that by the time she turned 18 she had been with at least 50 guys and 3 girls.She was a gorgeous teenager, 5?6? on her tip toes maybe, 120 lbs tops. She had medium length dark brown hair parted in the middle, with a slight natural wave. She wore a 34C bra and had a perfect ass nobody could take their eyes off of, especially me! She normally wore tight jeans or Daisy-Duke cutoff shorts with the bottom of her ass cheeks slightly visible. She got her looks from our mother, who was taller than average at 5?9? about 150 lbs, with perfect 36C titties. They both had a trimmed bush that I was fascinated with!The more I gave Brittany full body rubdowns, the more she let me touch. She discovered that she really liked it when I would softly bite her butt cheeks, and especially the crevice where her cheeks meet the top of her legs. That was my favorite because I could sniff the wonderful fragrance of her pussy. And very rarely did I let a pair of her dirty panties go unsniffed, or our mother?s for that matter. Sometimes when I would kiss Brittany?s legs, she would stick her hand in her panties and get herself off. I could hear her wetness and see her panties moving. Then she would tremble a little for a few seconds, then suddenly exhale and take several izmir escort quick deep breaths. One evening I was laying across my mother?s bed watching her get ready to go out, admiring her beautiful nakedness as always, my cock throbbing hard the whole time. I was right in the middle of puberty and feeling more horny than ever before. After she left, I sniffed her panties she had worn at work that day. I dont remember what Brittany was doing but she was occupied with something else. So I got the 9mm video projector out of mom?s closet, got a porn video, went into my room and put on my mother?s dirty panties while I watched it. The very first scene I felt like I had to pee, and it was coming fast and uncontrollable. Before I could even make it to the bathroom, cum began pouring out of my cock all over the front of my mother?s panties. Whoa! I could now cum, and it was the most amazing sensation ever! I had to feel it again, ASAP! And I wanted to do it with Brittany. I now understood why she enjoyed touching herself so much when I was massaging and kissing her legs!One night soon after this, I was so horny and full of curious desire, I decided I was gonna cum with Brittany and I was willing to gamble that she wouldn?t get mad. After all, I was hard most of the time when I sat on her butt anyway, and she never said anything else about it after the first time she felt it. It had become normal routine.On this particular night, our mother was home, which made my chances even better because we had to be quiet. I snuck a pair of dirty panties out of mom?s dirty clothes, put them on, and proceeded to Brittany?s room like normal. She got comfortable and pulled izmir escort bayan her shirt up as I sat on her butt. I started rubbing her shoulders and very slowly worked my way down her back, sensuously massaging her ass as I worked my way to her legs. Like clockwork, she started playing with her self and slightly moving her hips back
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